2019 Exhibitors


Game Showcase



Los Angeles, CA

Since 1999, iBUYPOWER has been delivering on its promise to build the best gaming systems for the most discerning gamers. Even in a time when PCs were not as ubiquitous as they are today, we fueled the passion for gaming by giving our customers the highest quality in custom built computers. Our systems have since become the backbone for professional gamers, game developers, LAN centers, major eSports tournaments, and every day consumers.




Dayton, OH

Founded in 2000, Infoscitex is a dynamic corporation committed to excelling in the Defense, Aerospace, Human Factors, and Security markets. We have an established reputation for developing smart, effective, solutions that meet the unique requirements of our varied customers.


eFuse is a platform focused on unifying the gaming community, providing professional opportunity, and facilitating collaborations. Together the community is stronger, so be a part of it. Be a part of eFuse.


Luminosity Mobile

Luminosity Mobile

New York, NY

Luminosity officially formed in 2015 with several teammates from former game development studio SaltyPepper Games. Their focus is on creating games that people of all ages can enjoy. They have released three games: Once Upon a Runner (iOS and Android), Tortuga Racing (iOS and Android) and The Painter's Apprentice (PC). They are working on their 4th game - Osunia - a farm life sim game.


LightMass Games

St. Louis, IL

Lightmass Games aims to create emotionally driven experiences - both in games and in virtual media. Founded by a former Shawnee State University gaming student, the studio started out as a means to an end for their senior project Beyond Critical, but has since become a creative outlet and a re-envisioned dream for its founder Dalton Fox.



0 Idea Studios

Sarasota, FL

0 Ideas Studios is an indie game studio from Sarasota, FL. A collaboration between recording artist KOJU, programmer Mat Nason, and music producer AnarchisticBeats. Their first title Vigilante Love is a unique love letter to the platforming genre. With aid from their friends, the first beta became available for download summer 2019.

Website - Spotify


Two Baby Gators

Portsmouth, OH

Josh Lewis and Alex Jones, two senior engineers from Shawnee State teaming up to make cool game. We have worked on everything from VR to mobile games and are excited to keep working. Our recent projects include pong VR, Mech VR and Raid 51.



BOMBFEST is an award-winning party game for you and up to three friends! Battle in wooden forts, on folding chairs, and inside the kitchen sink as you attempt to be the last player standing. Use bombs to eliminate your foes, but don’t get caught in a chain reaction of explosions!

Visit website


Lost Guardian Games

Massillon, OH

A small indie studio working on a couple game projects. An online multiplayer RPG built with the Atavism Online toolkit. An Action Adventure RPG built in Unity. Including a timed map run ending in a boss battle and four player battle with what was earned.




Portsmouth, OH

We made a game called OrthoJumper! We're gunna show it at our booth. You should come check it out.


Hat on a Flower

Fort Wayne, IN

Dreams of Fear is a turn-based RPG where you play as a kid who moved to the town of Agora with your dad. Upon moving you find an old photo album and learn of a long-lost brother. Now you must venture through the small town of Agora, the institute of Geloto, the abandoned city of Geats, the desert village of Nosto, and the snowy lab of Golysville learning what the power behind family, friends, and memories!


Space Log banner.png

Space Log

Space Log is a space themed sci-fi survival management game where the player is tasked with returning home after getting stranded in hostile space. Using your wits and imagination you must build machines to process and refine the resources you gather to survive and defend yourself on the long, hard journey home. Explore alien worlds and discover powerful new technologies to expand production and give yourself the edge.



Dublin, OH

Mitch Patchett aka BeatMop is a Junior at Shawnee State University. Majoring in the Game and Simulation Development Arts program. He also competes as a member of the SSU Varsity Esports Team. In his free-time he mods various video games and will be showcasing his custom Beat Saber levels.


Crash! Interactive

Grove City, OH

Scrap Survivor is a wave-based horde survival shooter inspired by Flash games like SAS: Zombie Assault and Call of Duty's Nazi Zombies mode. Fight through countless waves of killer robots, using whatever parts you can scavenge to craft new weapons and upgrades, and see how long you can survive!


SSU Game Developers Club

Portsmouth, OH

The Shawnee State Game Developers Club host several game jams during the year. They’ll be presenting the most recent and fun games to arise from the past few events.


Skaggs House

Skaggs House is a group from Shawnee State University that promotes inclusion, synergy, networking, and good vibes among Game Programming students and others at SSU. The exhibit will showcase projects worked on by members of Skaggs House.


Yost House

Yost House is one of the houses at Shawnee State University. The house inspires companionship and encourages its members to greatness. In Yost House there is always one more thing to learn. The exhibit will showcase projects worked on by members of Yost House.


Project Dark Lord

Lucasville, OH

Project Dark Lord is an idle adventure in which you work to take over the world as the leader of an army of undead. Overtake territories and build your forces of evil. Embrace the dark.


Pending Light

Portsmouth, OH

Shawnee State University seniors of game development want you to illuminate your path, bend the world, and save the planet. Pending Light is the 2019-2020 senior capstone project. Where players will be tasked to solve the mysteries of a desolate planet.


Aleksander Stepien Games

Aleksander Stepien is a senior in the digital simulation and game design degree at Shawnee State University. He is currently developing a 2D arcade-style space shooter game. Utilizing C++ to have complete control over development.


Artist Gallery


Sharlee M Linder Art

Germantown, OH

Freelance independent artist. Alumni of Shawnee State with a Bachelor of Fine Arts focused on Illustration. Currently working on several small domestic projects.



Samuel Davis Art

Toledo, OH

Sam works in a medium that leaves room for his imagination. Manga is free flowing and has almost infinite possibilities. Creating stories, emotion, and movement within the works. Influenced by music, pop culture, and many other artists, such as Hirohiko Araki. He aims to bring education and awe with his creations on his path for improvement.



Raiden Otto

Beavercreek, OH

Raiden Otto is a freelance illustrator and concept artist that portrays fantastical creatures, people, and environments through digital and traditional mediums. Currently, a student at Shawnee State University pursuing a B.F.A. in illustration and a minor in game design he is exploring new techniques while refining his craft.



B. Eternity Illustration

Freelance fantasy and character illustrator. Alumna of Shawnee State University with a BFA focused on illustration. Show casing several full colored illustrations as well as character concepts.